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Permalloy Core 55*65*5mm

  • 55*65*5mm

Product Description
The iron cores can be customized according to the user's size and performance requirements, adopting the crafts such as coiling, laminating, rivet stacking, self fastening and rubber molding. This kind of iron cores has excellent magnetic performances of super high initial permeability and high permeability, super low coercivity and low saturation magnetic induction
They are suitable for the application in weak magnetic field, can be used for manufacturing high sensitivity and small power transformer, low power magnetic amplifier, relay, head of magnetic recording device, zero sequence current transformer, power converter, precision current transformer, magnetic amplifier, power transformer, choke, pulse transformer, change polarity pulse transformer, DC voltage converter, magnetic modulator, constant inductance element, unipolar pulse transformer, magnetic shielding, and so on.

HEMEI is a leading manufacturer of electromagnetic signal coupling, has been committed to promoting the progress of signal coupling technology and passive power technology. 

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