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Permalloy often refers to iron-nickel alloys with a nickel content in the range of 30 to 90%. It is a very widely used soft magnetic alloy. Through appropriate technology, magnetic properties can be effectively controlled, such as initial permeability exceeding 105, maximum permeability exceeding 106, coercivity as low as 2‰ Oersted, rectangular coefficient close to 1 or close to 0, Permalloy with a face-centered cubic crystal structure has good plasticity and can be processed into 1μm ultra-thin ribbons and various forms of use. Commonly used alloys are 1J50, 1J79, 1J85, etc.

Permalloy is an iron-nickel alloy with higher magnetic permeability in a weaker magnetic field. The nickel-iron alloy with a nickel content of more than 30% has a single-phase face-centered cubic (γ) structure at room temperature, but The single-phase structure near 30% Ni is very unstable, so practical iron-nickel soft magnetic alloys have a nickel content of more than 36%

Permalloy can be divided into four categories: 35%~40% Ni-Fe alloy, 45%~50% Ni-Fe alloy, 50%~65% Ni-Fe alloy and 70%~81% Ni-Fe alloy. . Each type can be made into materials with circular hysteresis loop, rectangular hysteresis loop or flat hysteresis loop.


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