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Power equipment installed on the high-voltage side of high-voltage transmission lines

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At present, the most widely used power supply method is solar power supply, but this method is greatly affected by climatic conditions and lacks long-term maintenance-free capability. Laser power has been applied in electronic current transformers and active optical current transformers, but this type of power supply is not suitable for working in the field. The most promising power supply method is to extract electrical energy from the overhead transmission line, and put an energy coil on the line to convert the energy of the line to the secondary side to achieve isolated power supply.

Power equipment installed on the high-voltage side of high-voltage transmission lines: wire temperature on high-voltage overhead transmission lines, breeze vibration, secondary pitch oscillation tension, ice coating monitoring devices, etc.

Power equipment that is difficult to obtain power near high-voltage transmission lines: various monitoring devices on underground power cable lines, monitoring equipment in ring network cabinets, etc.

Performance characteristics:

Induction and energy extraction, high efficiency and reliability, no maintenance

Open type energy acquisition transformer, easy to install, simple wiring

The energy acquisition module adopts a metal shielded package, which has good sealing performance, adapts to harsh environments and operates stably. It can maintain stable output under the condition of line current changes. It adopts switch-type regulated voltage standard design. The output voltage is stable and the ripple is small. The maximum output power can be Up to 300W or more

Can work continuously under 3000A current

Can be installed on transmission lines with any voltage level from 6kV to 500kV. Battery packs are optional to ensure normal use during power outages.

working principle:

The energy acquisition device of the transmission line is composed of an energy acquisition transformer and an energy acquisition power module.

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