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Switching Power Supply For CT

Switching Power Supply For Current Transformer

Product Description
The CT power supply is completely isolated from the high-voltage cable, and stable power output is realized within the range of the normal current of the cable, so that electronic equipment can work safely in a high-voltage environment.
Reliable magnetic saturation discharge protection function, transient pulse voltage, surge current absorption protection function, etc., so that the power supply can still work stably when there is a short-term abnormal phenomenon in the cable loop.
Good shielding and sealing performance. In the wild environment, it is not restricted by humidity, temperature, weather, geographical location and other conditions, and its ease of use exceeds any other energy source.
The output voltage ripple is small, the adjustment rate is high, with multiple protection functions, suitable for electronic equipment with different requirements.
Additional battery charging function. The three-stage charging control method is adopted to protect and repair the battery. When there is no current through the cable for a short time, the battery can provide power for a certain period of time.

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