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  • At present, the most widely used power supply method is solar power supply, but this method is greatly affected by climatic conditions and lacks long-term maintenance-free capability. Laser power has been applied in electronic current transformers and active optical current transformers, but this ty

  • Current transformer is an important secondary device in the power system. It is widely used in secondary circuits such as metering, measurement, and relay protection. In large current or high voltage occasions, we cannot directly use an ammeter to measure the current of the circuit. It can be measur

  • With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous expansion of human activities, microelectronics and computer technologies have been applied to all aspects of social life. A large number of electrical and electronic products with high technical content and complex interna

  • The current transformer has the function of current conversion and electrical isolation. It is a sensor for secondary equipment such as measuring instruments and relay protection in the power system to obtain current information of the electrical primary circuit. The structure of a current transform

  • Permalloy often refers to iron-nickel alloys with a nickel content in the range of 30 to 90%. It is a very widely used soft magnetic alloy. Through appropriate technology, magnetic properties can be effectively controlled, such as initial permeability exceeding 105, maximum permeability exceeding 10

  • Materials with strong magnetic permeability, such as silicon steel, cast steel, permalloy, etc., are called ferromagnetic materials. Ferromagnetic materials have the following three basic characteristics. First, the permeability is not constant, but decreases with the increase of magnetic induction.

  • This power suply CT device is our newly developed product,which is used on 100v-220kv AC transmission line.

  • In fact, the ammeter measures the current in the circuit, but can we also measure it in the high-voltage line or the circuit with very large current? It is very dangerous in the high-voltage circuit, and the circuit with relatively large current is easy to burn out by directly using an ammeter.

HEMEI is a leading manufacturer of electromagnetic signal coupling, has been committed to promoting the progress of signal coupling technology and passive power technology. 

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